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Abstract #2674

Cerebral developmental venous anomalies associated with loco-regional parenchymal abnormalities

Pizzini F, San Milln Ruz D, Piovan E, Beltramello A, Rfenacht D
University Hospital Verona

We report 102 cerebral developmental venous anomalies (DVA) with a high proportion of parenchymal abnormalities found within the drainage territory of the DVA (focal cortical or subcortical atrophy or signal anomalies on MRI). These parenchymal abnormalities are found within the drainage territory of a DVA (30%) which suggests a pathogenic correlation to the DVA . We postulate a possible physiopathological mechanisms to explain that: DVA represents a zone of venous confluence, and may demonstrate thickened walls on histological examination. The combination of these two factors combined could predispose a DVA to develop venous hypertension and subsequent loco-regional parenchymal alterations.