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Abstract #2682

Altered BOLD Hemodynamic Response in Patients with Ischemic Stroke

Moore A, Peck K, Gopinath K, Crosson B, Briggs R
Emory University

Ischemic stroke is associated with impairment of cerebral hemodynamics, which leads to alterations in cerebral blood flow, blood volume, oxygen metabolism and vasoreactivity, all quantities that influence the BOLD hemodynamic response (HDR). In this study, differences between the HDRs in the infarcted and the intact hemisphere auditory cortex of patients with ischemic stroke were examined, and characteristics of the HDR of normal controls and stroke patients were compared. Stroke hemisphere auditory cortex exhibited significantly wider HDRs and similar amplitude and times-to-peak compared to the intact hemisphere. Normal controls exhibited no inter-hemispheric differences in BOLD HDR.