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Abstract #2681

Pediatric and adult global hypoxic-ischemic injury evaluated by diffusion-weighted imaging and MR spectroscopy

Dengel A, Carr C, Oyoyo U, Ashwal S, Uffindell S, Holshouser B, Tong K
Loma Linda University Medical Center

Global hypoxic-ischemic injury is a devastating process that results in severe neurological impairment, if not death. There are many etiologies including near-drowning, cardiovascular collapse, respiratory arrest, strangulation, suffocation, and carbon monoxide poisoning. All age groups can be affected, from young children to the elderly. We evaluated non-neonatal patients who suffered hypoxic injury. Apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) values of specific brain regions were analyzed and compared to MR spectroscopy data and patient outcomes. Significant differences were observed between ADC values of patients and control subjects. The greatest degree of diffusion restriction and lactate levels occurred in patients that died.