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Abstract #2688

Combined Blood:Brain Partition Coefficient and Perfusion Assessment using QUASAR

Zimine I, Petersen E, Golay X, van de Ven K
National Neuroscience Institute

In this study, we used the QUASAR ASL sequence for simultaneous estimation of the blood-brain partition coefficient &[lambda], blood equilibrium magnetization M0b and CBF. For absolute quantification of CBF, a correct estimate of the blood equilibrium magnetization M0b is essential, because it acts as a direct scaling factor on the perfusion. The Look-Locker readout of the QUASAR sequence is preceded by a saturation pulse. This allows fitting of T1 and M0t and consequently provides an estimate of &[lambda]. The method was applied to acquired data and showed better GM/WM CBF ratios. The complete user independence assures reproducible CBF estimates.