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Abstract #2691

In-vivo Measurement of arterial cerebral blood volume using LL-EPI-FAIR and LL-EPI-STAR

Brookes M, Francis S, Morris P, Gowland P
University of Nottingham

The in vivo measurement of arterial cerebral blood volume (aCBV) can provideimportant information about brain physiology. Recently, we have shown thatLook-Locher-Echo Planar Imaging (LL-EPI) can be combined with Flow sensitiveAlternating Inversion Recovery (FAIR) in order to quantify accurately andnon-invasively resting state aCBV. Here, we extend our previous measurementsby comparison of LL-EPI-FAIR with LL-EPI-STAR (Signal Targeting byAlternating Radiofrequency flow encoding with LL-EPI sampling). We show thatthe two sequences yield equivalent measures of resting stateaCBV, and further that the LL_EPI_STAR sequence provides additional flowdirectional information.