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Abstract #2692

Activation induced changes in arterial Cerebral Blood Volume (aCBV) measured using LL-EPI-STAR

Brookes M, Morris P, Gowland P, Francis S
University of Nottingham

The in vivo measurement of activation-induced change in arterial cerebralblood volume (aCBV) provides important information to understand themechanisms of the BOLD response. Here, we introduce a non-invasive ASLtechnique based on the combination of STAR and LL-EPI sampling to quantify aCBV changes. Results show spatial patterns of both aCBV, and BOLD changes. The technique allows characterization of arterial inflow curves withhigh temporal resolution, representing a major advantage over more traditional ASL methods when used to measure aCBV. Our results show that a significant increasein aCBV is observed on brain activation during a simple motor task.