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Abstract #2697

AV Shunt Visualization With Arterial Spin Labeled Perfusion MR Imaging

Zager E, Detre J, Hurst R, Wang J, Wolf R
University of Pennsylvania Medical Center

Noninvasive imaging methods remain suboptimal for evaluating arteriovenous malformations (AVMs). Our purpose was to investigate the utility of arterial spin labeled (ASL) perfusion imaging for visualizing and possibly quantitating AV shunting in the presence of AVM. Five subjects with AVM were studied with continuous ASL perfusion MRI and reviewed for presence or absence of AV shunt. A semiquantitative estimate of shunt extent was generated using a threshold strategy. We found that ASL perfusion MR techniques could demonstrate AV shunting, providing a potential complementary method for AVM evaluation by detecting the presence and perhaps also quantifying extent of AV shunting.