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Abstract #2705

Diffusion weighted imaging study of patients with essential tremor

Rizzo G, Lodi R, Manners D, Tonon C, Scaglione C, Martinelli P, Barbiroli B
Universit di Bologna

The pathophysiology of essential tremor (ET), the commonest movement disorder in adults, is still unknown. PET, fMRI and 1H-MRS studies have shown metabolic abnormalities in the cerebellum and other functionally-related brain structures in ET. Diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) was used to look for evidence of neurodegeneration in the cerebellum and other brain areas in ET patients. ADC values were similar in all brain area in patients and controls. Our findings do not support a neurodegenerative processes in ET and suggest that the reduction in the neuronal marker NAA found in the cerebellum is secondary to functional neuronal changes rather loss.