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Abstract #2706

Differentiating Perihemorrhagic Infarct from Susceptibility Artifact on DWI Images

Bammer R, Lansberg M, Clayton D, Albers G, Nagle S
Stanford University

On DWI imaging of parenchymal brain hemorrhage, a high-intensity rim often surrounds the hemorrhage. Differentiating whether this is due to infarction or susceptibility artifact can be difficult. A simple method, based upon the anisotropy of the susceptibility artifact, can help differentiate between these etiologies. In a clinical series of 55 stroke patients, four of which had parenchymal hemorrhage with hyperintense rim, the use of two DWI sequences with swapped phase- and frequency-encoded directions clearly demonstrated that this was due to artifact rather than infarct. A single DWI sequence was insufficient to make this differentiation with confidence.