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Abstract #2736

From DTI to CTI: The role of anisotropic conductivity of the white matter tissue an EEG FEM simulation study

Gllmar D, Haueisen J, Wolters C, Reichenbach J, Anwander A
Friedrich-Schiller-University, Friedrich-Schiller-University

Pre-testing the use of DTI to extract Conductivity Tensor Information we quantified the influence of anisotropic conductivity on EEG source reconstruction. Employing a finite element method model we performed forward as well as inverse simulations and found a weak dependence of anisotropic conductivity on all measures (RDM, MAG, dipole shift, orientation change and change in magnitude). We observed strong correlation between the error measures and the distance to the anisotropy and discovered that the orientation of the dipoles relative to the anisotropic volume as such plays an important role in predicting the influence of anisotropy on the forward solution.