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Abstract #2877

Localized 13C NMR spectroscopy in the human breast in vivo

Bolan P, Merkle H, Snyder C, Ugurbil K, Garwood M, Henry P, Iltis i, Corum C
Center for Magnetic Resonance Research

13C magnetic resonance spectroscopy is a useful non-invasive tool allowing the assessment of tumor glucose metabolism, and has been used in vivo in animal models, and ex vivo in normal and cancerous human breast tissue. To our knowledge, it has never been applied to human breast in vivo. Using a 1H localization and a polarization transfer sequence at 4T, we obtained for the first time localized 13C spectra of the normal human breast in vivo. This approach will provide a new tool for detection and therapeutic monitoring of malignancies in the human breast.