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Abstract #2892

MR-Elastography for Breast Lesion Characterization - The Effect of Rheology on its Diagnostic Impact -

Sinkus R, Siegmann K, Tanter M, Xydeas T, Bercoff J, Robert B, Fink M
Laboratoire Ondes et Acoustique

MR-Elastography is bound to provide at most two viscoelastic parameters when data are taken at one frequency and when isotropy is assumed for the reconstruction. Tissue resembles a complex hierarchical organization, thus the interpretation of the complex shear modulus G*=Gd+iGl in terms of inherent material parameters becomes rather. We present in-vivo results for elasticity and viscosity from 33 malignant and 18 benign breast lesions reconstructed with different rheological models. Application of the Voigt model yields elasticities which do not allow good classification. When data are interpreted in terms of Maxwell elasticity and fractal springpot model very good classification is achieved.