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Abstract #2891

Differentiation of malignant from bening breast lesions by diffusion-weighted imaging with ASSET technique

Cai Y, An N, Jin G
PLA General Hospital

Forty-six female patients with histologically confirmed malignant (37 with 39 lesions) and benign (9 with 12 lesions) lesions in breasts and 14 health volunteers underwent bilateral breast SE-EPI with ASSET technique (B=1000, acquisition time about 4050s). The mean ADC value of malignant lesions (1.020.34x10-3 mm2/s) was statistically lower than that of the benign lesions (1.540.55x10-3 mm2/s) and normal breast tissues (1.880.28x10-3 mm2/s) (p<0.001).The sensitivity, specificity and overall accuracy of ADC value for malignant lesions with a threshold of less than 1.47x10-3 mm2/s was 92.3%, 58.3% and 84.3% respectively. Our results revealed DWI with ASSET technique was of sufficient sensitivity to distinguish most malignant tumors from benign lesions with short acquisition time and satisfying image.