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Abstract #2917

Tissue Assessment in Gliomas: Comparison of Tumor Blood Volume, Vascular Permeability by Perfusion-Weighted MR Imaging and Tl-201 SPECT

Kosaka N, Kimura H, Uematsu H, Tsuchida T, Itoh H
University of Fukui

Tl-201 uptake levels are useful in assessing the degree of glioma malignancy. However, the direct contributor to Tl-201 uptake has not been documented. We hypothesized that increased tumor blood volume could be responsible for the Tl-201 accumulation. We evaluated 9 patients with GBM to analyze the relationship among Tl-201 uptake, blood volume and vascular permeability (K(trans)) calculated by perfusion-weighted MRI. A significant correlation between Tl-201 uptake and blood volume was demonstrated (p<0.05), while no significant difference was observed between Tl-201 uptake and K(trans). These results support the hypothesis that increased tumor blood volume is responsible for the corresponding Tl-201 accumulation.