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Abstract #2918

Determination of maturity and functionality of tumor vasculature by MRI: Correlation between BOLD MRI and DCE MRI using P792 in experimental fibrosarcoma tumors

Baudelet C, Cron G, Gallez B
Catholic University of Louvain

Although BOLD MRI and DCE MRI are useful techniques for noninvasive imaging of tumor vasculature, it is unclear how both techniques are related. We measured vessel maturation and function via BOLD imaging during hypercapnia and carbogen breathing, respectively. These results were then compared to DCE MRI perfusion measurements which were performed on the same animals using P792 (Vistarem, macromolecular Gd agent with rapid clearance). Parameters derived from BOLD MRI correlated weakly or not at all (r<0.15) with those derived from DCE MRI. Characterizations of tumor microvasculature imaging using BOLD MRI and DCE MRI thus appear to be largely complementary.