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Abstract #2921

Susceptibility MRI of Vascular Function and Therapeutic Response In LS174T Colorectal Carcinomas Grown Orthotopically in Murine Liver.

Griffiths J, Ryan A, Waterton J, Robinson S, Kalber T
St. George's, University of London

The response of murine orthotopic LS174T liver metastases to either carbogen breathing or the vascular disrupting agent ZD6126 was assessed by intrinsic-susceptibility MRI. Tumour blood volume was determined by susceptibility contrast MRI with Endorem. Carbogen breathing significantly increased tumour R2*, consistent with a decrease in [deoxyhaemoglobin] and vascular steal by the highly-perfused normal liver host tissue. ZD6126 elicited a negligible change in R2* 24 hours after treatment, suggesting a high level of baseline necrosis in the LS174T murine model of liver metastasis.