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Abstract #2928

DCE-MRI Perinecrotic Imaging Biomarker Signature and Observed Interpatient Heterogeneity

Mayr N, Zheng Y, Wu D, Edwards S, Rahmannan S, Yuh W
Ohio State University

A newly developed imaging biomarker for the estimation of the state of tumor angiogenesis is described. DCE-MRI data is aggregated in regions evaluated from the exterior toward the tumor interior at high resolution in ten cervical cancer patients. This work proposes a two-regime model: linear region (6-8 mm) depth followed by highly necrotic varying core regime at greater depth. While this two-regime model provides a potentially adequate description, slope and intercepts parameters derived by linear regression were highly variable between patients indicating the potential importance of careful scrutiny of these measures on a patient-by-patient basis and the need for improved individualized healthcare.