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Abstract #2932

Pharmacokinetic analysis of DCE-MRI in invasive breast carcinomas: correlation with tumour grade

Bacon S, Dambitis D, Dall B, Tanner S, Ridgway J, Radjenovic A
Leeds General Infirmary

Analysis of the correlation between quantitative DCE-MRI findings and prognostic factors (such as histological tumour grade) is important for defining the role of this technique in the diagnosis of breast cancer as well as the monitoring of neo-adjuvant therapies. Previous clinical studies where prognostic factors were compared to DCE-MRI reported contradictory results and did not include pharmacokinetic modelling of contrast uptake. In this study, pharmacokinetic analysis of DCE-MRI was performed in patients with histologically confirmed and graded invasive breast carcinomas and a significant correlation between tumour grade and permeability to Gd-DTPA was found.