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Abstract #2936

Reproducibility of Pharmacokinetic Parameters Using Different Input Functions in a Multi-Center Non-Expert Phase I Oncology Clinical Trial

Sharoyan V, White D, Sivaramakrishna R, Galbraith S, Padhani A, Guermazi A, Reinhold C
Synarc, Inc.

The purpose of this study was to compare the reproducibility of tumor DCE-MRI kinetic parameters in a oncology clinical trial using vascular input functions based on standard (Fritz-Hansen;Weinmann) and individualized (derived from skeletal muscle) plasma clearance coefficients. Overall means, repeatability coefficients and within-patient coefficient-of-variability of transfer constant (Ktrans), extravascular-extracellular space (Ve), rate constant (Kep) , and initial area under the Gd-DTPA concentration-time curve (IAUC) were determined for six patients. Best reproducibility was obtained with Fritz-Hansen coefficients.