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Abstract #3045

Improved PRESS sequence for lactate detection in the human vitreous body

Balteau E, Robe P, Llabrs G, Collignon N, Sterpenich V, Maquet P, Luxen A
Lige University

Magnetic resonance spectroscopy is an attractive tool for non-invasive assessment of vitreous lactate levels, but is hampered by several technical problems such as magnetic field inhomogeneities, water suppression and fat contamination. In this study, numerical simulations as well as in vitro and in vivo experiments were performed in order to implement improved shimming procedure and PRESS sequence with spectral editing capabilities, yielding better field homogeneity, water suppression and localization accuracy. The experiments demonstrate the feasibility of 1H-MRS lactate detection in the human vitreous body of healthy volunteers, with short acquisition time and reliable lactate doublet assignment.