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Abstract #3044

Prostate Spectroscopy at 3 Tesla Using Two-Dimensional S-PRESS

Trabesinger A, Lange T, Schulte R, Dydak U, Boesiger P
110 Stapleton Hall Road

A novel two-dimensional method for the detection of strongly coupled metabolites (2D S-PRESS) is introduced and optimised for prostate spectroscopy at 3T. The technique is based on a PRESS sequence with a constant echo time, but variable inter-pulse delays, which are encoded in the indirect dimension. Two-dimensional S-PRESS gives rise to more clearly arranged spectra than JPRESS and facilitates the distinction of weakly and strongly coupled metabolites. The method enables an improved resolution and characterisation of the citrate signal, allowing for an accurate determination of the spectral parameters (coupling constant and chemical shift difference of the coupled protons) in vivo.