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Abstract #3052

Phase Rotation with Asymmetric RF Pulses in Localized Stimulated Echo Spectroscopy (PRAISES) : A 2.5-ms TE Sequence for Clinical Spectroscopy

Knight-Scott J, Dunham S, Shanbhag D
University of Virginia

The development of 1H-MRS as a standard in vivo neurochemical measurement technique in high-field MR depends on the availability of reliable and robust very short echo time (VTE) sequences, compatible for routine clinical examinations. Current VTE sequences are limited for human applications because of their dependency on short-duration, high-amplitude TE spoilers gradients as a primary coherence selection technique. In this work, we present phase rotation with asymmetric RF pulses in localized stimulated echo spectroscopy (PRAISES) as a VTE sequence for clinical MR spectroscopy. PRAISES combines the inherent short TE capabilities of asymmetric RF pulses, RF phase rotation paradigms, and STEAM to deliver a 2.5-ms TE sequence on a 1.5-T MRI system. Preliminary testing of the PRAISES technique is shown for a low-field MRI system; however, the technique is completely translatable to high-field sys