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Abstract #3055

Proton Spectral Editing for Separation between Lactate and Threonine in Human Brain In Vivo

Choi C, Coupland N, Kalra S, Malykhin N, Bhardwaj P, Gheorghiu D, Allen P
University of Alberta

Single-voxel proton J-difference editing for discrimination of the 1.31 ppm resonances of lactate (Lac) and threonine (Thr) in human brain in vivo, at 3.0 T, is reported. Three types of spectrally-selective 180&[deg] RF pulses (~75 ms long) were employed for manipulating the J evolution associated with their coupling partners at 4.10 and 4.25 ppm. The concentrations of Lac and Thr in the human occipital cortex were estimated as 0.50&[plusmn]0.06 and 0.59&[plusmn]0.04 &[micro]mol/g (mean&[plusmn]SD, n = 4), respectively, with reference to Cr at 8 &[micro]mol/g.