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Abstract #3056

1H NMR spectroscopy using high performance gradients at sub-millisecond echo time

Duarte J, Frenkel H, Tkac I, Gruetter R, Mlynarik V
Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne

An ultra-short echo time STEAM protocol has been designed for a 9.4 T animal scanner. Actively shielded high performance gradients with the rise time of 120 &[mu]s and short excitation pulses enabled reduction of the echo time to 800 &[mu]s. A STEAM spectrum of a rat pup shows absence of spurious signals. Spectral lines of some less abundant or poorly resolved metabolites were clearly discernible, the broad lines of macromolecules were more intense. The spectrum has features reminiscent of spectra measured by the pulse-and-acquire technique.