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Abstract #3058

A Novel Approach to Spectral Editing of Glutathione at 7 Tesla using Echo-Time Independent Signal Modulations in PRESS sequence

Gambarota G, Gruetter R, Mlynarik V, Liptaj T
Ecole Polytechnique Fdrale de Lausanne (EPFL)

Various MR methods have been developed, in the last decade, to detect resonances of coupled spin systems which lie underneath singlets. Recently, a novel and simple approach to spectral editing has been proposed for the AB spin system of citrate: this approach exploits the signal J-modulations which occur in PRESS at a constant echo time. In the present study, we investigated with density matrix simulations and experimentally the spectral shape of glutathione at 7 Tesla, with the goal of applying this novel method of difference spectroscopy editing to the protons (ABX spin system) of the cysteine moiety of glutathione.