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Abstract #3066

Short TE PRESS Proton NMR Spectroscopy without Water Suppression. Application to the Human Brain at 3 Tesla

Dreher W, Schuster C, Leibfritz D
University of Bremen, Center of Advanced Imaging (CAI)

A two-step method for proton MRS without water suppression (WS) was implemented on a 3T head scanner, tested on phantoms and applied to healthy volunteers. Water and metabolite signals can be easily separated by adding or subtracting two data sets acquired either without or with chemical shift selective adiabatic inversion of metabolite signals prior to a short TE PRESS sequence (phantoms: TE=13 ms, in vivo: TE=17 ms). The method allows an efficient elimination of gradient induced artifacts. Thus, WS is avoided and the water signal can be used as a reference signal for signal corrections and metabolite quantification.