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Abstract #3067

Measurement of Temperature Distributions in Cryopreservation Solutions using Echo-Planar Spectroscopic Imaging

Thompson R, Johnson S, McGann L, Lambert R
University of Alberta

Development of protocols for cryopreservation of tissues for transplantation requires accurate monitoring of temperature and cryoprotectant concentrations throughout samples (cooling/warming). In this study, spectroscopic MRI is investigated as a noninvasive method for measuring the spatial and temporal distribution of temperatures in cryoprotectant solutions used for cartilage preservation. We examine the relationships between temperature (as low as -80oC), cryoprotectant concentration and the resulting chemical shifts, line widths and visible concentrations or water and cryoprotectant protons (2 mm resolution, 2 minute scanning). The proton chemical shift difference between water and the cryoprotectant dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) presents a unique absolute measure of temperature.