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Abstract #3071

Factor-2 acceleration for 3D EPSI at 4T using modified blipped phase-encoding

Ebel A, Weiner M, Schuff N
Northern California Institute for Research and Education, VA Medical Center

To reduce acquisition time for echo-planar spectroscopic imaging (EPSI) by a factor of 2, application of blipped phase-encoding (PE) gradients between even and odd lobes of the readout (RO) gradient was suggested to phase-encode even RO echoes in k-space at an interstitial location along kPE. However, the approach is susceptible to phase inconsistencies between even and odd RO echoes due to B0 inhomogeneities and gradient imbalance. Feasibility of using a blipped PE gradient in between pairs of even/odd RO lobes to prevent phase inconsistencies from interfering with the phase-encoding is demonstrated for 3D EPSI in normal human brain at 4T.