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Abstract #3072

Fourier Component Imaging of water resonance in human breast: a new source of MRI contrast

Medved M, Newstead G, Fan X, Du Y, Olopade O, Karczmar G, Zamora M
The University of Chicago

A new approach to MRI based on imaging the structure of the water resonance and constructing images proportional to individual Fourier components is proposed. Data from 32 patients with mammographically suspicious findings were acquired using echo-planar spectroscopic imaging at 1.5 Tesla. Frequent inhomogeneous broadening of the water resonance was observed reproducibly in small voxels (< 2 mm3). Images with intensity proportional to peak, and off-peak, components of the water resonance in each voxel were often qualitatively different. Such differences likely reflect underlying anatomy or physiology, and were more frequently observed in patients with invasive disease.