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Abstract #3073

Quantitative Metabolite Mapping in Human Brain at 4T using Short TE 1H LASER-CSI and Tissue Segmentation

McNab J, Bartha R
University of Western Ontario, Robarts Research Institute

Quantitative maps of N-acetyl-aspartate, creatine, choline, myo-inositol, glutamate and glucose in healthy human brain have been generated from short echo-time 1H LASER-CSI data for the first time. Tissue segmentation using SPM2 and point spread function characterization facilitated absolute quantification in voxels with mixed tissue content. The combination of a multi-voxel acquisition, detection of more than four metabolites, absolute quantitative concentration measurements, in a time frame that is feasible for clinical research studies (47 min.) and at an informative resolution (nominal voxel size of 0.56 cm3) makes LASER-CSI a viable and attractive option for future 1H NMR spectroscopic investigations.