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Abstract #3074

Local B0-shift correction for 3D EPSI of human brain at 1.5 and 4 Tesla

Ebel A, Maudsley A, Schuff N, Weiner M
Northern California Institute for Research and Education, VA Medical Center

Previously, high spatial resolution acquisition 3D EPSI in combination with a water reference EPSI data set was proposed to accomplish local frequency shift correction in 1.5T human brain metabolite maps, minimizing inhomogeneous spectral line-broadening. At higher magnetic field strength, increased field inhomogeneities typically lead to increased line-broadening. Additionally, increased susceptibility makes shimming of the magnetic field over the whole head more difficult. To determine whether local frequency shift correction still helps limit line-broadening in human brain 3D EPSI at higher magnetic fields, the combination of high spatial resolution acquisition and local frequency shift correction is compared between 1.5T and 4T.