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Abstract #3086

Automatic Outer Volume Suppression (OVS) Slice Placement for Proton-Echo-Planar-Spectroscopic-Imaging (PEPSI)

Heileman G, Posse S, Martinez-Ramon M, Li T
University of New Mexico

It is demonstrated that high-speed spectroscopic imaging using the PEPSI method, sensitivity encoded by an 8-channel surface RF coil array, can be 4-fold accelerated without significant loss in spectral quality by using GRAPPA parallel imaging. This approach enables PEPSI acquisitions to be performed in less than 3 minutes for 3D spatial encoding and in just a few seconds for 2D spatial encoding. It is shown that the quality of the reconstruction can be improved by adjusting the SNR of the GRAPPA calibration reference to the SNR of the PEPSI-data.