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Abstract #3088

In vivo large flip angle 31P MRS in the human brain at 3T

Blenman R, Felmlee J, Port J
Mayo Clinic College of Medicine

As in vivo 31P MRS is implemented at higher field strengths, quantitative techniques must meet the challenges of measuring metabolites with lengthening T1 relaxation times in clinically feasible scan times. Our approach was to develop a short TR, short TE, large flip angle (LFA) technique at 3T that maximizes the SNR of long T1 31P metabolites. The specific components PCr, PE, and PC are respectively maximized with flip angles of 140&[deg], 130&[deg] and 120&[deg] with respective mean signal gain of 1.71 &[plusmn] 0.20 (mean &[plusmn] std), 1.76 &[plusmn] 0.42 and 1.39 &[plusmn] 0.26. In vivo data show that the LFA technique is successfully employed to maximize SNR.