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Abstract #3092

High Resolution Magic Angle Spinning MR Spectroscopy Reveals Biomarkers of Insulin Resistance in Burn Trauma

Tzika A, Cao H, Zhang Q, Astrakas L, Yu H, Mindrinos M, Tompkins R, Rahme L
Massachusetts General Hospital and Shriners Institute, Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School

NMR visible intramyocellular lipids (IMCLs) have been associated with insulin resistance. We report that Magic Angle Spinning (MAS) 1H NMR Spectroscopy has detected, with high resolution, differences in IMCLs from control and burned mice. The IMCLs of the latter was linked to insulin resistance. We suggest that increased levels of NMR visible IMCLs in burn trauma is a biomarker for insulin resistance. This has led us to the concept that suppression of IMCLs may represent a candidate strategy for a partial relief of insulin resistance and muscle wasting (or cachexia) resulting from burn trauma.