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Abstract #3098

In vivo measurement of T1 relaxation times of 31P metabolites in human brain at 3T

Blenman R, Felmlee J, Port J
Mayo Clinic College of Medicine

Apparent T1 estimates are important for signal-to-noise optimization, accurate quantitation of spectral data, and for correction of partially saturated MRS data. T1 relaxation times of 31P human brain metabolites were measured at 1.5T, 2T and 7T, but values measured at 3T have not yet been published. In vivo T1 times measured at 3T are 3.57 &[plusmn] 0.65s (mean&[plusmn]std), 4.88 &[plusmn] 0.54s, 2.2 &[plusmn] 0.4s, 3.94 &[plusmn] 1.43s, 3.11 &[plusmn] 0.7s for PCr, PE, Pi, GPE and GPC respectively, and 0.98 &[plusmn] 0.11s for &[alpha]-ATP, &[beta]-ATP and &[gamma]-ATP. Possible sources of systematic errors are identified and strategies for their reduction discussed.