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Abstract #3099

Measurement of the Longitudinal Relaxation Time (T1) of Cardiac Phosphorous Metabolites at 3T

Clarke K, Robson M, Neubauer S, Hudsmith L, Tyler D
University of Oxford

31P spectroscopy is a valuable technique for the in-vivo measurement of high energy metabolites, which allows the assessment of tissue energy metabolism. The ratio of PCr to ATP provides a measure of the energetic state of the heart and is an indicator of cardiac failure. To obtain reliable PCr/ATP ratios we require knowledge of the T1 values of the individual metabolites, as well as the TR and local flip angle. In this work we have for the first time measured the T1 values of PCr and &[gamma]-ATP using the dual angle method to be 3.8&[plusmn]0.3s (PCr) and 2.4&[plusmn]0.5s (&[gamma]-ATP).