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Abstract #3107

Measurement of Phosphorus Content in Normal and Osteo-malacic Rabbit Bone by Solid-State 3D Radial Imaging

Wehrli F, Anumula S, Magland J, Song H, Ong H, Wehrli S, Zhang H
University of Pennsylvania medical centre

Osteomalacia is characterized by hypomineralization of bone caused by vitamin D deficiency, leading to reduced stiffness and mechanical strength. Currently, there is no non-invasive modality that can measure the true mineralization expressed as mass of mineral per unit volume of bone (degree of bone mineralization, DMB). Here, we hypothesize that DMB can be measured with sufficient precision using 3D radial imaging so that subtle differences in phosphorus content and DMB can be measured between normal and osteo-malacic bone. The results obtained are in agreement with DMB measurements obtained by &[mu]-CT, suggesting that this method might be applicable to studies in vivo in laboratory animals and possibly in humans.