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Abstract #3133

Cervical Spinal Cord Evaluation with ECG-Gated Line-scan Diffusion Tensor Imaging and 3D Tractography: Feasibility

Hori M, Kinouchi H, Horikoshi T, Ishigame K, Aoki S, Araki T, Kumagai H, Ikenaga S
Univ. of Yamanashi

The purpose of this study was to compare line scan diffusion tensor imaging (LSDTI) with and without ECG-gating and to estimate clinical usefulness of LSDTI with ECG-gating in evaluation of cervical spinal cord pathology in vivo. Images with ECG-gated technique were all superior to those without ECG gated with permissible extent of imaging time, approximately two minutes. Measurements of ADC and FA and visualization of 3D tractography of white matter demonstrated pathological abnormalities. Quantitative tensor measurements and 3D white matter fiber tracking of ECG-gated LSDTI were useful to estimate cervical spinal cord pathology in vivo.