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Abstract #3134

Comparative Study of Syringomyelia and Myelomalacia of the Cervical Spinal Cord by Using MR Diffusion Tensor Imaging

Ma L, Zheng K, Lu H, Wang Y, Sun W
PLA General Hospital

DTI was used in the comparative study of syringomyelia and myelomalacia of the cervical spinal cord. ADC value, FA value, and eigenvalues were quantitatively assessed and differences between the two disease entities were found. ADC in syringomyelia was higher than that in myelomalacia, and FA in syringomyelia was lower than that in myelomalacia. No statistical differences were found among 1, 2, and 3 in syringomyelia, but 1 was significantly higher than 2 and 3 in myelomalacia. The different pathological mechanisms of the two diseases can be assessed by using DTI technique.