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Abstract #3143

1H MR Spectroscopic Imaging in Patients with MRI-Negative Extratemporal Focal Epilepsy

Hajek M, Dezortova M, Jiru F, Skoch A, Komarek V, Krsek P, Marusic P, Zamecnik J, Tichy M, Kyncl M
Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine

The study deals with the hypothesis if 1H MRS (1.5T) could help in localizing the epileptic focus in seven patients with extratemporal focal epilepsy and normal MRI findings. 2D CSI sequence was directed towards the suspected epileptogenic zone localized by seizure semiology, EEG, SPECT and PET. 1H MR spectra were evaluated using the program CULICH.All patients had a lateralized 1H MRS abnormality, 5 of them had a clearly localized pathology. We found a good correlation between the localization of the 1H MRS abnormality and SPECT as well as EEG. In all cases, histopathological analysis revealed an MRI-undetected cortical dysplasia.