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Abstract #3162

Toward Full Visualization of the Pyramidal Tract in Brain Tumor Patients: Tractography Based on Directional Diffusion Function

Yoshiura T, Mihara F, Noguchi T, Togao O, Honda H, Kumazawa S
Kyushu University

Conventional tractography methods are unable to track the fiber tract beyond the areas of fiber crossing and branching. As a result, the pyramidal tract is only partially visualized. Toward full visualization of the pyramidal tract, we have developed a new tractography method. In this study, we applied this method, which is called directional diffusion function (DDF) tractography, to 7 brain tumor patients. The estimated pyramidal tract was consistent with the anatomical knowledge in all patients. Overall, full visualization of the tract was achieved in 6 hemispheres (43%). Results supported the feasibility and improved visualization of DDF tractography.