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Abstract #3163

Reproducible Quantitative Analysis of Corpus Callosum Infiltration and Contralateral Involvement Using a Probabilistic Mixture Model: Relevance in primary brain tumors

Stieltjes B, Schlter M, Didinger B, Weber M, Hahn H, Essig M, Parzer P

Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) is evaluated for better delineation of tumor infiltration by primary brain tumors. First reports show conflicting results mainly due to difficulties in reproducible determination of DTI-derived parameters. We present a novel method for ROI-analysis based on probablistic voxel classification for a user independent analysis of DTI-derived parameters and tested this method in healthy controls and patients with primary brain tumors. We show that this method leads to an excellent reproducibility and that DTI of the Corpus Callosum can help in the evaluation of ambiguous cantralateral lesions.