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Abstract #3228

Metabolite Profiles obtained with QUEST from HRMAS-NMR signals of Rat Brains

Cudalbu C, van Ormondt D, Graveron-Demilly D, Fauvelle F, Ratiney H, Rabeson H
Universit Claude Bernard, Lyon I - CPE

High-resolution magic angle spinning (HRMAS) 1H spectroscopy is playing an increasingly important role for diagnosis. This technique enables setting up metabolite profiles of ex vivo pathological and healthy tissue. Automatic quantitation of HRMAS signals will provide reliable reference profiles to monitor diseases and pharmaceutical follow-up. We show that quantitation of HRMAS signals of rat brains acquired *without* suppression of lipids and macromolecules to avoid metabolite signal loss, is possible with the time-domain semi-parametric algorithm QUEST. Disentangling the metabolite from the background signals was achieved by the `Subtract' approach. About twenty metabolites were reliably quantitated.