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Abstract #3229

Repeated Measures Performance of Volumetric Whole Brain Echo Planar Spectroscopic Imaging

Maudsley A, Darkazanli A, Frew A, Pagare R, Alger J
University of Miami

A repeated measures study was performed on young adult human brain to determine the characteristic precision with which 1.5 T volumetric echo planar spectroscopic imaging can practically determine metabolite levels in single spectroscopic imaging voxels. Automated MIDAS spectroscopic imaging software was used for signal processing and voxel selection. The within-subject coefficient of variation (Standard Deviation divided by Mean) ranged from 3 to 33% for water-referenced NAA, cholines and creatines in three typically studied homogeneous brain regions (Thalamus, Frontal White Matter, Posterior Cingulate). The Anterior Cingulate could not be evaluated due to the presence of static field inhomogeneity.