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Abstract #3307

Detectability of Small Metastatic Liver Tumors Evaluated with Low-b-factor Diffusion-Weighted Images with Ferucarbotran

Tounan T, Fujimoto K, Azuma S, Ono N, Mastushita S, Hayabuchi N
Chikugo city hospital

The aim of this study is to evaluate the detection of small (? 2cm) metastatic liver tumors using low-b-factor diffusion-weighted image with/without super paramagnetic iron oxide particle (ferucarbotran) and to compare the tumor-liver signal contrast-to-noise ratio between long echo time and short echo time.As a result, it was thought that the delectability of small (? 2cm) metastatic liver tumors on low-b-factor DWI was improved by the administration of ferucarbotran. For the detection of metastatic liver tumors (< 1 cm), short TE-DWI with ferucarbotran is superior to conventional long TE-DWI with/without ferucarbotran.