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Abstract #3308

ADC Measurement of Abdominal Organs and Lesions using Parallel Imaging Technique

Yoshikawa T, Kawamitsu H, Mitchell D, Ohno Y, Fujii M, Sugimura K, Kubo K
Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine

ADC measurement was reported to be useful in the abdominal field. However, blurring and susceptibility artifacts diminish the image quality and reliability of the values. Parallel imaging can reduce readout time, improving image quality. Our objective was to assess the reliability and usefulness of parallel imaging for ADC measurement of abdominal organs and lesions. The results of our phantom and clinical studies shows the effect of parallel imaging on calculated values is considered to be minimal. However, problems still remain in measurement at left lobe of the liver and pancreas. Measurement at periphery of the image should be avoided.