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Abstract #3316

Evaluation of k-t BLAST and k-t SENSE for dynamic 3D intestinal MRI using a 32-channel phased array coil

Steingoetter A, Schwizer W, Boesiger P, Kozerke S, Zwick S
ETH and University Zurich

The newly developed acceleration methods (k-t BLAST/SENSE) and a 32-channel phased array coil were applied and evaluated for the assessment of intestinal function after established small bowel distension in 2 volunteers. Simulations of k-t methods were performed on 2D reference data. Optimal acceleration parameters were derived for in-vivo imaging. 3D volumes (12-20 slices of 6mm, FOV=400mm) were dynamically acquired every 590925ms. Despite temporal blurring at the moving intestinal walls image quality allowed accurate detection of peristaltic frequency. The k-t methods allow dynamic acquisition of large 3D abdominal volumes at demanded temporal resolutions and image quality.