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Abstract #3315

Comparison of respiratory-triggered and breath-hold partial Kz high special resolution 3D FSE MRCP using ASSET for the evaluation of the pancreatobiliary system

Masui T, Katayama M, Sato K, Seo H, Sugiyama M, Hirano M, Nozaki A
Seirei Hamamatsu General Hospital

Spatially high resolution MRCP can be obtained using 3D FR FSE in combined use of ASSET and partial Kz using an 8 channel phased array coil. BH 3D FR FSE MRCP with acceptable image quality may be obtained, which may provide competitive information to RT 3D FR FSE MRCP. Compared with BH 3D MRCP, RT 3D MRCP requires longer imaging time however, the information of high spatial resolution MRCP is useful and acquisition time less than five minutes may be acceptable in clinical settings. Thus, when RH 3D MRCP is not diagnostic, BT 3D MRCP may be additionally obtained for the evaluation.