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Abstract #3323

Prostate cancer screening: The clinical value of diffusion-weighted imaging and dynamic MR imaging

Tanimoto A, Kuribayashi S, Shinmoto H, Okuda S, Nakashima J
Keio University School of Medicine

Eighty-three patients (44 had prostate cancer) with elevated serum PSA levels were evaluated by T2W, DWI and dynamic MRI at 1.5 T prior to needle biopsy of the prostate. The values from these imaging modalities were compared for the detection of prostate cancer. The ROC analysis indicated that the sensitivity, specificity, and accuracy for the detection of prostate cancer were improved by adding DWI and dynamic MRI. In patients with elevated serum PSA levels, the combination of T2W, DWI, and dynamic MRI may be a valuable tool for detecting prostate cancer and avoiding an unnecessary biopsy without missing prostate cancer.