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Abstract #3322

Diffusion tensor imaging of the kidney with respiratory triggering: optimization of the parameters to demonstrate anisotropic structure on FA map

Kataoka M, Nakamoto Y, Koyama T, Kido A, Yamamoto A, Tamai K, Isoda H, Maetani Y, Uemoka S, Saga T, Morisawa N, Mori S
Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine

This study aimed to demonstrate the feasibility of DTI of the kidney with respiration-triggered acquisition or multiple breath-holding and to explore the best imaging parameters for cortex-medulla differentiation on FA(fraction anisotropy) map. DTI of the rt. kidney from healthy volunteer were analyzed (n=6). 6 different sequences with different acquisition technique, slice thickness, number of signal averaging, and b values were compared. DTI of the kidney with respiration-triggered acquisition was feasible with excellent cortex-medulla differentiation. 3-mm thickness, 3 averages, with b = 0, 200 or 400 produce the best images. Images with multiple breath holding resulted in poor quality.